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Mom’s Moments issue #2: Be Still and Know that I am God…

This is one of the verses that God put on my heart as I began to grow in my Christian faith.  I had been thinking about it recently.  Sometimes when mothers and daughters communicate it is more like we are clashing in our viewpoints.  It can be challenging to naturally say or do the right thing.  One of us always wants to get the last word or get our point across by stomping our feet or raising our voice.  Is it even possible to be still and know that He is God? No, not in and of ourselves,  it is only possible through His amazing grace by sending us His Holy Spirit to minister to us in those moments when we want nothing more than to sin, even when we know it is wrong.  “Instead of giving thanks to Him and humbly submitting to His rule over our life, We have rebelled against Him and have actually sought to exalt ourselves above Him.  Going our own way and living according to our own wisdom, we have broken countless times either the letter or the spirit of every one of God’s Ten Commandments.  Thinking ourselves to be wise, we have shown ourselves  to be  fools…  We are completely unable to save ourselves or even to make one iota of a contribution to our own salvation.  However, what we could not do, God did- and in doing it, He did it all, sending His own Son into the world to die on the cross for our sins, thereby showing us unfathomable love…  No one could ever love us more or better than Jesus.”( The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent pg.59 & 61 italicized print first person changed from I to We and my to Our) .

The issue here is not our sin against each other, but our sin against God  and our desperate need for a Savior.  “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)  It is not until we humble ourselves before Him and ask Him to renew our faith and repent of our sin, not only what we do or say, but what we think, that we can be justified,  renewed and restored in His righteousness. “God’s grace abounds to us  even through our trials.” (The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent pg.63)

So even in our sinful clashing moments in our mother daughter conversations, we can trust that God is and always will be at work and He will bring us to where we need to be.  Sometimes we will make the choice to express our feelings in a hurtful and thoughtless way and we will forget to Be still and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10) Or forget in our anger to not sin, and on our beds, search our hearts and be silent, as Psalm 4:4 instructs.  We can be assured that “God does see our sins, and He is grieved by our sins. His grief comes partly from the fact that in our moments of sin, we are not receiving the fullness of His love for us.  He even sends chastisement into our life; but He does so because He is for us, and He loves us; and He disciplines us for our ultimate good.  We don’t deserve any of this, even on our best day; but this is our salvation, and herein we stand. Thank You, Jesus.  Every breath, every heartbeat, every function of every organ in my body is a gift from Him.  Every legitimate pleasure I experience is a gift from His loving hand to me.  All that I am and all that I have I owe to Him and to His goodness.” (The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent pg. 57,64-65)

We need to keep reminding ourselves  of the precious beauty of the gospel everyday especially in those clashing MD* moments.

*Mother Daughter


daughters corner issue #2

 Hi it’s me again,

Sorry I haven’t written for a long time, I’ve been really busy, but let’s get to our lesson.

Too old?

The two-year old squealed with delight as she unwrapped her birthday  present, It was (you’ll never guess) play dough! Now ten years later as she unwrapped a gift from her parents,  her mom said “this is the gift I have been waiting for you to open all day”, it was (you’ll never guess, and this time I mean it) it was…  play dough? “Um really?” she thought ” I guess it’s ok, but don’t you think twelve is a little too old for play dough?”


Yes I know what it feels like in those situations, the girl in that story was (please don’t laugh)  me. Some times it is hard to trust that our what our parents are doing is  good, but some times it is hard for them to let go of you. Some times I get mad because I know that what my mom would never let me do, she lets my little sister do. (when she is my age of course) That probably won’t happen to you, unless you are the oldest though. But back to the story, I actually played with the play dough and guess what it was fun 🙂 !!!

   IMG_4069     IMG_4071             To Make: roll play dough into small balls, flatten  into oval-shaped, “peddles.”  form it until it looks  bowl-shaped and add a yellow circle 🙂

Mom’s Moments: About Mom

What an exciting concept a blog is!  I am overjoyed to write a blog with my daughter, Isabel and to write about what God is up to in our lives.   I am a homeschooling mom of not just a 12 year old daughter, but a 9 year old energetic and curious little man named Rory and a 6 year old little princess named Esther.  My husband, Jim, is an amazingly talented man of God and we are so thankful to be on this journey together.  When we said, “I do”  on October 9, 1998, neither of us saw what God’s wonderful plan entailed, we just loved each other and were swept up in the romance of being newly weds.  After the glow of being newlyweds faded, I began to see empty places in my heart that nothing seemed to fill.  But I went on with living my life without God.  I even stopped going to church regularly and I was falling into depression, gaining weight and struggling with my career.  2 years later and a few months we had our first child, a little preemie daughter Isabel Maureen.  I had no idea what God was up to.  But suddenly the empty spaces in my life were being filled and there was joy again for a little while.  Isabel was born 10 weeks early, so I didn’t get to bring her home until she was 5 weeks old.  I was so thankful to have those nurses help me learn how to take care of my preemie girl while she was in the hospital.   I loved being with Isabel.  I was able to be with her daily those 5 weeks thanks to my husband, my parents and my mother and father in law.  They were so faithful to drive me because I was unable because I had had a c-section.  The day came when we got to bring our sweet baby home and we were overjoyed and a little nervous to actually do it on our own.  But God uses all things for His glory, even through our trials. scan0042scan0043scan0029 Once again I was falling into depression, gaining weight and struggling daily.  I didn’t realize how God was calling out to me.  In one of my journal entries, I wrote, I have been in such a deep blue funk this week.  I feel so alone when I am home all day, even though my sweet 7 month old daughter is by my side, .  I am so lonely.  I had strayed so far away from my faith that I was drowning in my emotions and full of self-pity.   I tried to fill those empty places by visiting my sister and her family when my husband would travel or with yummy foods and even though they helped quite a lot there was still something missing.  My everyday life was not working.  I began going back to church.  I was raised Roman Catholic and found much comfort going back to the roots of my faith.  I was also reading God’s word more regularly, still struggling to fill those empty places.  I also found a wonderful group of ladies at a couple nearby churches that shared their faith with me and encouraged me to trust God with every detail of my life.  I yearned to know Him more and began to learn about the living Gospel.  This of course did not happen over night, but it continues to grow day by day, little by little.  I look forward to bloging more about how God is working in my everyday life.

About me (daughters corner)

Hi, my name is Issy and welcome to my first daughters corner blog post!

First a few things you should know about me:

  1. I am home schooled ( Comment if you are home schooled too but even if you’re not you can rate this post,)
  2. I do NOT have a I pod touch I know what you’re thinking “how do you live?!” In my answer to that is I have an I pod but it is the I pod nano, Yes the tiny touch screen one. VERRY easy to lose, and that is exactly what I did, I lost it at my Grandparents house 😦 ! So I do and I don’t have a I pod, but I survive.
  3. I am 12 years old (just tuned 12 on Wednesday)
  4. I play the piano, I have been playing  for 6 years. I also play the violin,I think I have been playing for 3 years
  5. I take Ballet

so now that you’ve read all that you are most likely thinking that we are really different, and we probably are, but don’t stop reading mom n daughter 4 His glory  because this blog is for you and you’re mom. (“mom stuff” is written by my mom for you’re mom) We hope to make a difference 4 the glory of God. G2G

– Issy

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Desperate Moms call for Desperate Measures

Ok so here goes my first Mother post:  I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now and finally worked up the courage when I read about this all-expense paid spa/mentoring weekend with Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae and by mentioning the contest on your blog was one of the many ways to submit an entry to the contest and I desperately wanted to win.  And then I got to thinking that why not do a mother daughter blog with Isabel,my 12 year old daughter.  And it has been a delightful experience so far. As she sits by my side and finishes my thoughts. It is really cool!  I know many of us moms begin to let our daughters go as they get older and be more independent, but God has given me great discernment that this is not His calling as my young daughter approaches her teen years.  It is a time of celebration and renewal and a time to continue to train her up to be a young woman of faith.  When I look back on our year last year,  there is so much that needs to be restored and lots of wounds to be healed, so as she begins this 12th year of her life, I see so many opportunities to learn how to work together and communicate with grace and humility.  Although I know it will not always be easy and we will have our mother daughter moments (M.D.M.’s) probably more often than we would like.  It is a great way for us to live the Gospel in our everyday life, to show each other the love of Christ when we are undeserving of it.  It is a noble calling, but so worth living out!

Here is the link: