About me (daughters corner)

Hi, my name is Issy and welcome to my first daughters corner blog post!

First a few things you should know about me:

  1. I am home schooled ( Comment if you are home schooled too but even if you’re not you can rate this post,)
  2. I do NOT have a I pod touch I know what you’re thinking “how do you live?!” In my answer to that is I have an I pod but it is the I pod nano, Yes the tiny touch screen one. VERRY easy to lose, and that is exactly what I did, I lost it at my Grandparents house 😦 ! So I do and I don’t have a I pod, but I survive.
  3. I am 12 years old (just tuned 12 on Wednesday)
  4. I play the piano, I have been playing  for 6 years. I also play the violin,I think I have been playing for 3 years
  5. I take Ballet

so now that you’ve read all that you are most likely thinking that we are really different, and we probably are, but don’t stop reading mom n daughter 4 His glory  because this blog is for you and you’re mom. (“mom stuff” is written by my mom for you’re mom) We hope to make a difference 4 the glory of God. G2G

– Issy


2 thoughts on “About me (daughters corner)

  1. Great first post! You forgot to mention that you are very smart and funny and have a great laugh! Looking forward to reading your future posts! Will make sure Fiona tunes in as well!

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