Desperate Moms call for Desperate Measures

Ok so here goes my first Mother post:  I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now and finally worked up the courage when I read about this all-expense paid spa/mentoring weekend with Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae and by mentioning the contest on your blog was one of the many ways to submit an entry to the contest and I desperately wanted to win.  And then I got to thinking that why not do a mother daughter blog with Isabel,my 12 year old daughter.  And it has been a delightful experience so far. As she sits by my side and finishes my thoughts. It is really cool!  I know many of us moms begin to let our daughters go as they get older and be more independent, but God has given me great discernment that this is not His calling as my young daughter approaches her teen years.  It is a time of celebration and renewal and a time to continue to train her up to be a young woman of faith.  When I look back on our year last year,  there is so much that needs to be restored and lots of wounds to be healed, so as she begins this 12th year of her life, I see so many opportunities to learn how to work together and communicate with grace and humility.  Although I know it will not always be easy and we will have our mother daughter moments (M.D.M.’s) probably more often than we would like.  It is a great way for us to live the Gospel in our everyday life, to show each other the love of Christ when we are undeserving of it.  It is a noble calling, but so worth living out!

Here is the link:


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