Mom’s Moments: About Mom

What an exciting concept a blog is!  I am overjoyed to write a blog with my daughter, Isabel and to write about what God is up to in our lives.   I am a homeschooling mom of not just a 12 year old daughter, but a 9 year old energetic and curious little man named Rory and a 6 year old little princess named Esther.  My husband, Jim, is an amazingly talented man of God and we are so thankful to be on this journey together.  When we said, “I do”  on October 9, 1998, neither of us saw what God’s wonderful plan entailed, we just loved each other and were swept up in the romance of being newly weds.  After the glow of being newlyweds faded, I began to see empty places in my heart that nothing seemed to fill.  But I went on with living my life without God.  I even stopped going to church regularly and I was falling into depression, gaining weight and struggling with my career.  2 years later and a few months we had our first child, a little preemie daughter Isabel Maureen.  I had no idea what God was up to.  But suddenly the empty spaces in my life were being filled and there was joy again for a little while.  Isabel was born 10 weeks early, so I didn’t get to bring her home until she was 5 weeks old.  I was so thankful to have those nurses help me learn how to take care of my preemie girl while she was in the hospital.   I loved being with Isabel.  I was able to be with her daily those 5 weeks thanks to my husband, my parents and my mother and father in law.  They were so faithful to drive me because I was unable because I had had a c-section.  The day came when we got to bring our sweet baby home and we were overjoyed and a little nervous to actually do it on our own.  But God uses all things for His glory, even through our trials. scan0042scan0043scan0029 Once again I was falling into depression, gaining weight and struggling daily.  I didn’t realize how God was calling out to me.  In one of my journal entries, I wrote, I have been in such a deep blue funk this week.  I feel so alone when I am home all day, even though my sweet 7 month old daughter is by my side, .  I am so lonely.  I had strayed so far away from my faith that I was drowning in my emotions and full of self-pity.   I tried to fill those empty places by visiting my sister and her family when my husband would travel or with yummy foods and even though they helped quite a lot there was still something missing.  My everyday life was not working.  I began going back to church.  I was raised Roman Catholic and found much comfort going back to the roots of my faith.  I was also reading God’s word more regularly, still struggling to fill those empty places.  I also found a wonderful group of ladies at a couple nearby churches that shared their faith with me and encouraged me to trust God with every detail of my life.  I yearned to know Him more and began to learn about the living Gospel.  This of course did not happen over night, but it continues to grow day by day, little by little.  I look forward to bloging more about how God is working in my everyday life.


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