daughters corner issue #2

 Hi it’s me again,

Sorry I haven’t written for a long time, I’ve been really busy, but let’s get to our lesson.

Too old?

The two-year old squealed with delight as she unwrapped her birthday  present, It was (you’ll never guess) play dough! Now ten years later as she unwrapped a gift from her parents,  her mom said “this is the gift I have been waiting for you to open all day”, it was (you’ll never guess, and this time I mean it) it was…  play dough? “Um really?” she thought ” I guess it’s ok, but don’t you think twelve is a little too old for play dough?”


Yes I know what it feels like in those situations, the girl in that story was (please don’t laugh)  me. Some times it is hard to trust that our what our parents are doing is  good, but some times it is hard for them to let go of you. Some times I get mad because I know that what my mom would never let me do, she lets my little sister do. (when she is my age of course) That probably won’t happen to you, unless you are the oldest though. But back to the story, I actually played with the play dough and guess what it was fun 🙂 !!!

   IMG_4069     IMG_4071             To Make: roll play dough into small balls, flatten  into oval-shaped, “peddles.”  form it until it looks  bowl-shaped and add a yellow circle 🙂


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